There are millions of blogs on the World Wide Web written from men and women about fashion, design, technology, hobbies, lifestyles, books, politics, causes, philosophy, science, history, education, and business. After reading blogs, we are sucked into news, magazines, social networking, books, online articles, twitter feed, and google searches. Everyone seems to have an opinion and passion about something -- these blogs fill our heads, convincing us that their subject and opinion reigns supreme!

In this world of many subjects, one subject reigns supreme in our hearts and on this blog. This subject is Christ Jesus! All that we say should be a reflection of Him and His goodness to sinners like us. This blog is dedicated to His glorification and His majesty. In order for these ideas to truly penetrate your life, you must first find ownership in Him.

"Wait! Back up!" You might be saying, "Ownership?"

Before we dive into improving our outward appearance (the fun stuff!), an understanding of ownership, lordship, and identification is absolutely necessary. It is impossible for you to truly grasp anything beyond this point if you do not have a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.

Maybe now you’re asking, “How do I have a personal relationship with Jesus and why would I want to?”

In any personal relationship, you must first meet the person, whether it’s face-to-face, a phone call, or through social networking. Maybe this new relationship will be a casual acquaintance, a friend, or eventually your best friend for life -- one that will listen to you, laugh, love, and cry with you.

Christ is the same. He is asking you to accept Him -- not only as a friend, but as your Savior. Even though we can’t facebook or text Him, He is always available to listen to us, and if we want to hear from Him, He has written us 66 love letters (the Bible) so that we may grow our relationship with Him. In any relationship, discovering the intricacies of a person takes time -- how awesome it is to begin to understand someone Who was fully God and fully man! Christ was perfect, living 33 years on this earth in a very imperfect world, facing the same challenges as we do, yet He lived without sin, and through His resurrection conquered it.

We’ve all sinned. We’ve all told “little white lies.” Maybe you’ve been playing the “Christian game” or maybe you’ve just been taking Christianity for granted.

Ask for forgiveness, lay your life at His feet, and follow Him! His love wants to penetrate your life, transform your nature, and create a pure and glowing heart so that you might enjoy eternity with your Maker forever! Please talk with your pastor, parents, or e-mail us! We would love to tell you more about the Lord’s goodness and answer any questions you may have. If we never meet you here on this earth, then we will surely meet in His kingdom of everlasting light!