Thursday, May 10, 2012

Makeup Musings

Selecting the right foundation is a crucial aspect of wearing makeup. If you don't use the right color for your skin tone, you can look very unnatural! Save the heavy, clown makeup for the circus. ;)

Here are three tips to help you select and apply the best product for your skin.

1. Type
Determine if you should use a liquid, powder, or mineral foundation. Liquid foundations give the best coverage and are very helpful if your skin tends to be splotchy or prone to breakouts. Just be sure to set (apply over) the liquid foundation with a loose translucent powder in your correct shade.

Powder and mineral foundations are perfect for a lighter coverage and allow your skin to breathe more. It is great for giving an even skin tone very quickly.

If you don't really need to cover up anything, a tinted moisturizer will probably be your best choice. It will protect your skin throughout the day and give it a glowing look.

2. Color
Test the color of the foundation on the inside of your forearm before applying to your face. The color should blend well into your skin tone.

All makeup brands carry different colors, so be wise in your selection. If at all possible, test before you buy.

3. Application
Start with a clean sponge or brush and blend, blend, BLEND! Blend down your neck and don't forget to blend up to your hairline and ears. Use a minimal amount for achieving a natural, even skin tone.

Foundation is not needed to cover the glow of youthful skin. If you haven't yet begun to wear it, remember to check with your parents before experimenting. :)


  1. Helpful post! I have to say that when I first started wearing foundation, I used to apply it all over my face. However, I've learned since then that I only need to put foundation where my skin is red or blemished. :D

  2. Who designed the logo? It's beautiful.

    1. Thank you. It was a combined effort between friends who work in graphic design and myself. As I worked on it I would get there opinions and help. They are grand!