Friday, August 31, 2012


McKenna is our winner for the Reclaiming Beauty Webinar!!!

"I'm so excited about this webinar! I have posted this on Pinterest and Facebook. It's so nice to find some sisters in Christ around the web. What a blessing this is!!! 
God Bless,

Thank you to all who entered!! 

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Last Chance!

Last chance to enter!!

Fall Trends

Well, autumn is upon us and as we put away our summer sandals and dust off our winter coats, we can feel the change in the air!

New trends can be fun to play with. So I've searched to find the best trends of this new season and turn them into wearable, modest, feminine, and becoming outfits to spice up our wardrobes! 

Have fun with the new season!

Fall Trends

Fall Trends

Fall Trends
Fall Treands

Fall Trends

Fall Trends

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Buy of the Week

Country Gal


City Girl

Are you country or city... maybe a little of both!

These shoes are classics for whatever you prefer, and you will look snazzy wherever you are!

 Country -- To complete your country duds, wear a white skirt and your favorite jean top.

City -- To complete your city slick, wear your black dress, a brightly colored trench, and a silk scarf.



**Please note that not all items from this store are recommended by SnP. Happy Shopping, but be mindful of what you purchase as an ambassador of Christ!**

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Banana Ice Cream

Who doesn't love ice cream? Thick, cold, sweet, and delicious! But many people cannot enjoy ice cream because they are allergic to dairy. So here is an easy, wonderful recipe for dairy-free ice cream!

Banana Ice Cream

{serves one}

~2 very ripe frozen bananas, cut into chunks
~1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
~3 or 4 tablespoons almond or rice milk
~1 tablespoon maple syrup (optional)

Place all ingredients in a food processor or heavy-duty blender and process until smooth and creamy.
Be creative and add any of the following ingredients to your "ice cream."

~peanut butter
~cocoa powder (or carob powder)
~mint extract
~dairy-free chocolate or carob chips
~chopped nuts

Monday, August 27, 2012

The Syndromes

I know it can be discouraging at times. I've walked miles in malls and shopping centers in search of clothing that not only was modest, but reflected my own style. It's been my experience that many young women think that in order to be modest we have to "give up" our personal preferences because the store only has limited options of modest, affordable clothing.

I could say that it's not fair, but Jesus never said that following Him would be easy.
It is worth it, though.

I have observed that young women who start out with the best intentions to look modest sometimes become disheartened and fall into either one of two syndromes. These syndromes reflect two extremes and usually don't happen overnight. There is a balance to everything, and I certainly can't hold up the perfect way to dress. My advice to you is to see which way you tend to swing within the two syndromes. It may reveal a deeper heart issue in which you'll need to prayerfully seek God's guidance.


Our culture wants us to give in. It wants us to raise our white flag of surrender, proving that there's nothing really special about our King. It wants us to look just like everybody else, not set apart as Jesus calls us to be. I have known many young ladies with the best intentions to be modest examples of the faith, only to be doused as soon as they had to purchase clothing, shoes, or makeup. We go to the malls expecting to find feminine, modest apparel whenever we need it. Oh, how I wish that was true! So many gals get frustrated and give in to follow what fashion dictates. Giving in can be the “easy” way, but we would miss out on the precious purity of presenting ourselves as ambassadors for Christ!

Giving in doesn't always start abruptly. It starts in small choices and slow fades. A young woman doesn't wake up one morning deciding to be the hottest chick on the block. It's choices like, "I can buy this; it's just a little shorter."

Ladies, we can justify and talk ourselves into anything! This is why it's so important to have God-fearing people in our lives to help us make wise decisions -- be it regarding clothing or any life choices. Accountability is key.


You might be saying to yourself, “I’ve not given in. I am NEVER immodest, and I don’t care what fashion says.” This is great to hear, but are you in danger of practicing the ways of Pharisaical pride and looking unwelcoming, rather than practicing the values of the Proverbs 31 woman? Perhaps you are tired of trying to fit into the culture or you simply don’t know where to start in looking well-groomed as an ambassador for Christ.

Giving up is one of the most common attitudes in Christian young ladies. They are faced with the world's perspective of appearance, and instead of fitting in or giving in, they fall into not caring for themselves and have a lazy spirit about upholding feminine beauty. They say to themselves, “Why try? I don’t care," or "I don’t want anyone to look at me.” They are determined not to join the world and this is very admirable, but they end up retreating in the fight against immorality, not standing firm. 

So why does this matter? 
Well, either way, the culture wins. If it can’t get you to give in, its next step is to beat you down so you will not stand for feminine excellence. If we raise our surrender flag in this way, our culture will use us as an example of, "She let herself go; you don't want to join her fight.” Pop culture rationalizes that its way is the only way because it appeals to women's vanity. Looking homely will turn people away from who we are, because as I have said many times before, the world is summing us up in the few seconds it takes to glance our way.

Solutions to finding balance in beauty can be as simple as finding colors that become you or adding a cardigan to a dress. These quick fixes, and many like them, will help ward off the syndromes. Use the creativity our Creator has given you and find like-minded young ladies who have great ideas. I agree that when you go to the mall you can easily become overwhelmed by immodest clothing and photography. Not to mention the prices $$$! Yet, as we've seen on Silk and Purple, it is possible to find clothing that is not only modest, but is lovely and age appropriate. Have fun in the searching and keep a joyful spirit.

I hope Silk and Purple encourages you so that you may stand firm -- not giving in or up -- as an ambassador for Christ!


P.S. Don't forget about our giveaway from the Botkins!!!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

F.S. - The Hostess with the Mostess

 Anyone who has ever been a hostess knows that hosting can bring an extra dose of stress! However, it can also bring a special measure of joy. Here are just a few tips from to help make your hostess experience an enjoyable one for both you and your guests.

 Six Ways to Be a Good Host

1) Invite clearly. Include necessary information for your guests in the invitation. Is the party a casual get-together or more formal? What about the attire? Maybe a guest would benefit by knowing ahead of time who else will be there, which you might mention when they RSVP.

2) Plan well. Preparing your guest list carefully is key to a successful party. Then do as much as you can ahead of time. (Lower the stress level by serving food and refreshments you know will work.) Get everything ready well before your guests arrive, so you'll feel relaxed from the very beginning.

3) Remain calm. Giving a party can be enjoyable, especially if you approach it with simplicity. Get help if necessary, and don't let your guests think you're huffing and puffing. They'll feel far more
comfortable if they don't have to wonder whether they're causing you any trouble.

4) Keep your guests feeling welcome. Make sure guests are warmly greeted, then made to feel welcome throughout the party. Look after each guest as much as you can. If you notice that a guest has an empty glass or if there's one person standing alone, remedy the situation as quickly and cheerfully as possible.

5) Be flexible and gracious. Your souffle falls. Or one friend arrives with an unexpected guest. The ruined dessert? Have a fallback. The uninvited guest? As discourteous as it is for someone to spring a surprise on you, be gracious. No polite host would ever send an uninvited guest packing.

6) Be appreciative. Thank people for coming as you bid them good-bye. And don't forget to thank anyone who brought you a gift.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Pride and Prejudice (The Modern-Day Version)

     Let me start by saying that this is not a novel, my name’s not Jane Austen, and anyone who knows me can tell you that I’m nowhere even close to being British. The reason I chose Pride and Prejudice as the topic for this post is because while the great Elizabeth and Darcy are mere fictional characters, the essence of their story is constantly being portrayed in our society. We can’t see past each other’s shortcomings, and for this we often lose great opportunities.

A lot of our pride and prejudice comes from being stubborn. We are so set in our own ways that we refuse to see the big picture if it isn’t what we want it to be. Now don’t say you’re not a stubborn person, because this quality is in everyone to some extent. And if you’re still denying your stubbornness, then chances are you’re even worse off than we who admit it are. Being stubborn can be an obstacle when working with a group because those working with you may not agree with your ideas, which may or may not lead to the second thing that can be harbored within pride: having a bad temper. I know it can be hard to keep your cool when you have a lot to deal with -- school, housework, or whatever it is that builds stress can make you do and say things that you’ll eventually regret. One of the best ways to prevent this is to stop what you’re doing, take a deep breath, and ask yourself, “Is what I’m about to do honoring to God?” Just ask Him -- you’ll get an answer.

All I can say about prejudice is that it is what it is, and it doesn’t have to be something huge like racism or prejudice over religious beliefs. It can be as small and seemingly insignificant as, “Well, I don’t want to spend time with them because they’re not from the best neighborhood.” Now is that a national scandal? Not at all, but it can really hurt the feelings of whomever you’re talking about. Another example of an act of prejudice is being judgmental of people because of what clothes they wear. So what if someone you know doesn’t wear the latest trends, or if they don’t dress the way you typically dress? I mean, I myself enjoy thrift store hunting just as much as shopping at the mall. All that should be important to you is clothing yourself to glorify God and setting the right example for other girls around you.

I encourage you to not look at people as black or white, as Democrat or Republican, as rich or poor, or as any other label you can think of. Because God loves us all the same, and in the end His opinion is the only one that matters. So don’t succumb to the temptations of pride and prejudice. There are many arguments worth the choosing of one side, but strive not to become blinded by the things that don't matter! Elizabeth and Darcy were able to work out their silly arguments! You can have a happy ending, too! 

  For those of you out there who haven’t yet read Pride and Prejudice, be sure to check it out at your local library. It’s great!!!  

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Lovely Locks

Found these three hair tutorials on The Beauty Department. Enjoy!!!!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Buy of the Week

As my mother and I have said many times before, our taste exceeds our income :/ 

So what do you do when you have an eye for a $50 sweater instead of a $10 one? Or the $300 dress is what you prefer over the $40 one?

Become a savvy shopper! Buying designer clothing can be a good investment. Well-made shoes hold their value that you can wear for years! This week for Buy of the Week, I took some of my favorite designer brands and did some savvy shopping! 
  1. This J. Crew skirt is a skirt I found at a thrift store. I purchased it for $5. J. Crew's average for pencil skirts is about $60 to $100.
  2. I love Anthropologie...but my checking account does not. I found this dress on eBay for a bid of $50. This dress is normally $260!
  3. If you look in my closet, you will find a wall of Nine West shoes. I have odd feet due to the many years of performing ballet, and finding a comfortable stylish shoe is hard. Nine West seems to always fit my foot perfectly, but buying them straight from the store is pricey. I have found most of my Nine West shoes from the sale section of outlet shops. I have found them for as low as $10!! You can also watch the sale section on Nine West's website or shop eBay.

Remember, be savvy and be a good steward of your checking account!

**Please note that not all items from this store are recommended by SnP. Happy Shopping, but be mindful of what you purchase as an ambassador of Christ!**

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Back to School Health

Fall is in the air, and school is starting back! Whether you are in public or private school, homeschooled, or in college, everyone needs some healthy eating tips to make their brain function at its best! 

Health Tips for Homeschoolers 

  • Eat a healthy breakfast (a smoothie, oatmeal and fruit, or yogurt, fruit and granola).
  • Eat a healthy lunch (hummus dip and vegetables, a big salad with grilled chicken and fruit, or a healthy sandwich).
  • If you get hungry in between mealtimes, eat a healthy snack (raw fruits and vegetables, dried unsweetened fruit, nuts and/or seeds, yogurt, or a smoothie).
  • Avoid anything made with white sugar or white flour.
  • Drink plenty of water throughout the day.

Health Tips for School and College Students

  • Eat a healthy breakfast (a smoothie; oatmeal and fruit; or yogurt, fruit and granola).
  • If possible, pack your own lunch. A healthy lunch might consist of a salad with grilled chicken and fruit, a healthy sandwich and fruit, or hummus dip and vegetables.
  • If eating in a cafeteria, try to eat salads and lots of raw fruits and vegetables. Avoid breads and sweets.
  • Bring plenty of snacks (raw fruits and vegetables, dried unsweetened fruit, nuts and/or seeds, or yogurt) to avoid buying a junky snack from the snack machine.
  • Drink plenty of water throughout the day.

Always remember that eating healthy at home or away is easy and simple if you plan accordingly. Have fun going back to school!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Reclaiming Beauty Giveaway (Closed)

Silk and Purple has teamed with Anna Sofia and Elizabeth Botkin to give away one registration to the online webinar series Reclaiming Beauty!

All you need to do to enter is leave a sweet comment on this post and share this giveaway with your friends. Winner will be selected at random, so enter by Thursday, August 30, 2012.

Winner will be announced August 31, 2012.

If you are new to Silk and Purple and like what you see, follow us or like us on Facebook.

What is beauty?
Some say beauty fits in a size 0. Some say beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. Some say beauty is only skin deep. Some say beauty is only a quality of the heart. Some say beauty is truth. Some say beauty is a lie. Some say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Some say beauty is as beauty does. Some say Elizabeth Taylor and Grace Kelly are beautiful. Some say everyone is beautiful. Some say beauty is divine. Some say beauty is corrupting.

From all this confusion, one idea emerges clearly: The world knows beauty matters. They talk a lot about it, write poetry and paint paintings celebrating it, and spend $160 billion dollars a year on it. But what’s equally clear is that they don’t know what it is. The question is: Do we?

Today’s young Christian women have grown up in the most image-obsessed generation in history, a generation that worships some of the most twisted ideals of beauty the world has ever seen. But whether we love them or hate them… they tend to shape our own perceptions of what beauty is. Some of us accept its ideals, and struggle to fit into its mold – others of us are repulsed by it, concluding that physical beauty itself is immodest, worldly, and unspiritual, and reject the realm of beautification completely. But when all we’ve ever seen is the counterfeit the world offers, we can sometimes forget that the world did not create beauty – God did. And though we all know the world has a lot to say about image, we sometimes don’t realize how much God does too.
Fashion though history
It’s time to reclaim beauty. For thousands of years, believers, pagans, Gnostics, Humanists, Neo-Platonists, iconoclasts, and creators of culture have battled over this critical turf called “beauty.” Today, we have only to look at who designs the fashions, markets the beauty icons, rules the red carpet, adorns magazine covers, crowns Miss America, and designs clothes-and-makeup advertisements, to know who is currently holding the turf.
It’s time to take beauty back. When faced with an industry that runs on photoshop airbrushing, plastic surgery, starvation diets, grotesque catwalk styles, and billions of squandered dollars, our response can no longer be, “Beauty is not for us.” It’s time for our response to be, “Get your flag out of our ground.” It’s time for us to be a light in a culture that uses beauty as a weapon against God. 

It’s time for God’s ambassadors to make His principles – such as modesty and femininity – look as beautiful as they really are. It’s time for us to show the world: Ugliness is not beauty. Emaciation is not beauty. Androgyny is not beauty. Immodesty is not beauty. Unnatural distortion is not beauty. From Genesis to Revelation, God paints a different picture of the inner and outer beauty of a woman, and it’s time to show the world what it really looks like – one soul, one body, one face, one closet at a time.


Winner Announced



"I'm so excited about this webinar! I have posted this on Pinterest and Facebook. It's so nice to find some sisters in Christ around the web. What a blessing this is!!! 
God Bless,

Please contact us to claim your prize!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Hot to Cold

Summer is fading away, but this doesn't mean your whole wardrobe has to as well!

Mixing your wardrobe using your favorite summer items with your warm autumn/winter garments doesn't have to be complicated. So here are my top summer favorites and how to wear them through the colder seasons!

The White Skirt

The Bright Khakis

Summer Blouse

The Sun Dress

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Buy of the Week

Buttoned blouses can be some of the best items to have in your wardrobe. Tuck them in, wear them loose, or tie them up. So many ways to play with these shirts!

**Please note that not all items from this store are recommended by SnP. Happy Shopping, but be mindful of what you purchase as an ambassador of Christ!**

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

How to Make Laundry Detergent

 Commercial laundry detergent is expensive and full of chemicals and dyes. Making your own laundry detergent is inexpensive and all-natural!

You will need:

~1 cup Arm and Hammer washing soda* (not soap)
~1 cup borax*
~1 cup baking soda 
~1 1/2 bars all natural soap, grated

Mix all ingredients together and store in a container with a medium-sized scoop.
Use 1/2 of a scoop for a small load of laundry, or 1 scoop for a large load of laundry.

*Washing soda and borax can both be found on the laundry detergent/cleaning aisle in your local grocery store.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Drama in the Kingdom (Follow up)

Here is the follow-up post to our allegorical tale of Drama in the Kingdom.
Did you ponder over these questions? What were your conclusions? Here are mine:

Who do the characters in this story represent?
The characters all represent members of the body of Christ. All are people in the kingdom of God, but some represent people who have grown deeper in their walk with Christ, like Meek.

Our relationships within the body of Christ are very important. They can strengthen us and encourage us to grow in Christ. Unfortunately, when we treat relationships with a self-centered attitude of what we can gain from the relationship rather than what we can give, we can find ourselves in broken friendships.

On what does Vanity and Prance base their relationship?
From the evidence of their activities and conversations, their relationship is based upon a fellow and how they can attract the eyes and attention of the fellow and make everyone jealous. 

Do they strive to grow a deeper relationship with each other?
Because Prance and Vanity base their relationship on shallow things, their relationship is shallow. It's based on variables -- fellows, fashion, and fame are always changing. Basing relationships on things that change will only make a friendship unsteady. If Prance and Vanity had developed a friendship with Christ as their foundation, their conversations and priorities would be different and their relationship a much deeper one. 

What is the difference between Meek vs. Prance and Vanity?
Meek shows us what a person who cares about others looks like. No, she may not have the latest and greatest fads, but her concern is not on fads and what the popular culture decides. She would rather honor her grandmother.

What does each character value in this story?
Vanity and Prance value clothing, popularity, attention, and scoring a dance with the prince.

Meek values people, is wise about how she spends money, and takes time to talk with others -- even those who might not "like her."

Does this story reflect real life issues?
Unfortunately, yes. You may be going through a tough time in a friendship right now. Take a step back and evaluate what you have based the friendship on. Ask yourself how you could have been a better friend and if you've sinned against her. If necessary, go to her and ask for forgiveness.

Is the argument over the shoes the real issue in this tale?
No, the real issue is all we have talked about above. The shoes are only a small scenario of how Vanity and Prance really value each other.

Who has more fault? Vanity or Prance?
They are both at fault and both could work to restore the relationship. They are both competitive about who will be deemed the fairest in the land. The ending of this store doesn't have to be tragic. Each could work to deepen the relationship with each other, but before they do this, they need to grow in Christ! Growing closer to Him will help them in all the relationships they have, and it will do the same for us!

Saturday, August 11, 2012


    "What does R.S.V.P. stand for?" I asked the question when I was young and have been asked it many times since then. R.S.V.P. stands for the French phrase: Répondez s’il vou plaît. It means: please respond. However, it's not that simple; there are several ways to respond to an invitation. Some invitations do not include the request to R.S.V.P., but it is still courteous to inform your host or hostess of whether or not you plan to attend. Invitations that do have R.S.V.P. may include a response card. This is typical for formal invitations such as wedding invitations. Fill out the card as directed and mail as soon as possible. Keep in mind that as soon as possible means the next day or two!
    If the R.S.V.P. is given with a phone number or e-mail address, respond likewise. Remember when calling, that it is best not to leave a message as you will never be sure that it was received. An invitation that does not include a specified means for replying should be responded to by a written note. The note should be sent, like the response card, within the next few days. So, next time someone is puzzled by R.S.V.P. you will know: "It is French and it stands for Répondez s’il vou plaît, which means, 'please respond.'"

Friday, August 10, 2012

True Perfection: What Society Says and What God Says

"Unless I accept my faults I will most certainly doubt my virtues."
-- Hugh Prather

A common misconception in our society today surrounds the definition of true perfection. We seem to think of it as an attainable thing, as if owning the newest shoes or the shortest skirts can help one to reach this goal. For this reason, when many people think of perfection, they think of it as a physical state rather than a moral state. Let me ask you this: if perfection were something I could hold in the palm of my hand, then why in the world can't I achieve it? How come my skin isn't always flawless, and why have I had braces on my teeth for the past year? Neither of these things are considered "perfect" in our society, but lots of people experience them. And what about the lifelong concern many people have regarding their weight? They obsess over having the "perfect body", when in reality, it doesn't exist. God made us all different shapes and sizes, and He sees each of us as beautiful in our own way.

Another thing some people think will make them perfect is being especially nice to other people. While it's definitely true that God wants us all to encourage one another, it won't do a thing to help or hinder someone's "perfection status." I mean, I could go door to door and hug every person in my community, but does that make me a better person? Not at all. I'd be very memorable to people of course (which isn't always a good thing, if you know what I mean), but there wouldn't be a soul in my town that would think, "I bet that girl's perfect the way she's going around hugging everybody."

One thing that bothers me is that there are a lot of people out there that spend so much time trying to make their friends think they're more perfect than the rest. These people miss out on enjoying others! I know they mean well, but let's just face it -- if someone tries too hard to be the "saint" of a relationship by correcting other people on their flaws, probably nine out of ten of us will get the impression that this friend is meaning it as a personal jab. A true friend tries to encourage others. Be sure not to confuse encouragement with just being "nice." True friendship in the body of Christ helps each other see our errors, but not in a way that makes the one person look better. There is a time and place for reproach, but we must look at our hearts and seek counsel from scripture as to how to help each other deal with sin.

"Faithful are the wounds of a friend; profuse are the kisses of an enemy.~ Proverbs 25:6  

The most important thing to know is that no one but God is truly perfect. All of us here at Silk and Purple are aware of that and I'm sure that most of y'all are, too. We are sinful, forgetful, fallen human beings, and we've been that way since the fall of man all those years ago. This may seem like a tough break, because we weren't even there when it happened, but don't blame Adam and Eve. I can tell you for certain that I probably would have done the same thing. We're not perfect, but we've got a God who is. He's saved everyone who is willing to accept Him, so while I'm on this earth I must strive to please Him rather than please the false perfections of this world. My sins are forgiven, and God's got an Eternal Home waiting for me when my time here is finished. So relax and lean back into His arms. Based on everything He's done for us so far, I'd say He's got us covered + so much more!

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to Silk and Purple's founder Miss Abby Little!
We love and appreciate you so much, Abby! You are always cheerful and willing to serve. You have done such a wonderful job with Silk and Purple, and many girls have been blessed by your efforts!
God bless you and your sweet family on your special day!

The Silk and Purple Team

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Make It Magnificent

Make it modest + Make it magnificent = Modestly Magnificent

Oftentimes we separate the two words, thinking there is no way to be modest and still look nice. Don't fall into this lie. I'm here to prove my point! ;)  Below are some savvy combinations to make the clothes in your wardrobe effortlessly modest. Unless you're handy with a needle, the key to modesty is layering! Skirts under dresses, cardigans over a tank top. Mix and match. Play with color and you'll find more than just modesty -- you'll find your personal style!

So take a look at some of my favorite tricks in the art of dressing well. 
You might find yourself Modestly Magnificent!

Make it covered.

Make it feminine.

Make it simple.

Make it longer

Make it layered.
Don't forget about our giveaway ending today!!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Buy of the Week

With each passing day, summer is slipping away! 
It's time to start looking for garments that can easily work for summer and autumn. This skirt is perfect for just that! I'm loving the hemline on this skirt, as well as the color and pattern. Dress for the summer with a light cream fitted tee or dress it for the fall with a chocolate brown sweater and a fun scarf.


Find this skirt here!
(P.S. This store is offering free shipping on orders of $25 or more until August 12, so don't miss out.)

**Please note that not all items from this store are recommended by SnP. Happy Shopping, but be mindful of what you purchase as an ambassador of Christ!**

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Chocolate Peanut Butter Oatmeal

{Gluten and Dairy Free}

I created this oatmeal recipe this morning and was surprised at how well it turned out! The oatmeal was creamy and thick, and it tasted like a rich chocolate dessert, but for breakfast. Although this recipe calls for canned pumpkin, its taste is not detectable. 
So enjoy a dairy and gluten free "dessert" for breakfast!

Peanut Butter Chocolate Oatmeal
{serves 1}

-1 cup water
-1/4 cup gluten-free rolled oats
-1/3 cup almond milk OR rice milk
-1/3 cup canned pumpkin
-1 teaspoon vanilla
-1 or 2 tablespoons unsweetened cocoa powder
-2 tablespoons maple syrup OR agave nectar
-2 tablespoons creamy peanut butter
-1 banana, thinly sliced, optional

1. Bring water to a boil in a small saucepan. 
2. Add oats and stir until well-mixed. 
3. Simmer, stirring often, for 10 minutes, or until thick.
4. Add almond milk, pumpkin, vanilla, cocoa, maple syrup and peanut butter. Mix well.
5. Cook 5 more minutes, stirring constantly.
6. Pour oatmeal in a bowl and top with sliced banana, if desired.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Too cute!

Found this video and thought it was too cute not to share! 

Saturday, August 4, 2012

5 Simple Things

If you're like me, there are just simply days when life seems to go too fast and you need to focus on the simple things in life -- not the complex or over-elaborate things. Here are 5 things I find refreshing after a fast-paced week.

1. Read your favorite Bible stories (the ones you think you know by heart).
2. Change your sheets.*
3. Listen to soft classical music and drink country peach tea.
4. Arrange a vase of freshly-cut flowers.
5. Call a friend you haven't talked to in months.

*Proper way to change sheets.