Behind the Blog

Abby ~ the girl of a thousand dreams and still more to be thought. Abby's life is filled with family, friends, and the desire to please her Heavenly Father! She is an admirer of simple wonders and takes pleasure in the many beauties of life in the Deep South. As the author and founder of Silk and Purple, she desires for young ladies to discover and live out their true roles within the family and dress in a way that brings glory to Christ!

On any given day, you'll probably find her writing, painting, drawing, reading, teaching art lessons, cooking a healthy meal, baking gluten-free treats, gardening, sewing, dancing, researching, drinking a cup of coffee, indulging in a historical drama or watching I Love Lucy, Skyping her nieces and nephew, sipping tea among friends, helping her brother with film projects, canoeing, walking, redecorating, thrift and vintage hunting, traveling to see her sister, listening to Sara Groves, chatting with her mother, and laughing with her father.

Favorite color: Yellow
Favorite foods: Sweet potato fries, coffee ice cream, Mexican anything
Favorite animal: Dogs

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Elyse ~ our resident nature, granola girl! Elyse's steady character is the reflection of her loving family and wonderful friends and mentors. She enjoys all things of the great outdoors and delightfully fulfills her role as a daughter under the protection of her father's roof. As she ministers to the families of her church, her desire is to help families stay united in biblical roles. She adds a lot to the team of Silk and Purple and longs to share the goodness of the Lord with young ladies everywhere!
You can usually find Elyse at Whole Foods Market shopping with her mother, researching healthy lifestyles, cooking wholesome meals and sharing them with family and friends, hiking, biking, swimming, canoeing, fishing, camping, shooting rifles with her father and brother, playing the guitar, cheering on her favorite football team, laughing with friends, creating homemade gifts, snapping photos, studying, reading, goofing around with her brother, gardening, or drying herbs in the kitchen windows.

Favorite color: Pastel greens and blues 
Favorite food: Roasted vegetable pizza
Favorite animal: Cats

Hope ~ Who doesn't love a little hope in life? Hope is Silk and Purple's youngest team member and what a delight she is. Hope is starting on the path of figuring out this big world we live in and how we are to use God's Word as our guide. She is a young lady of many talents, and as she continues her education she will find more! She is such an encouragement to our younger readers of Silk and Purple and we are blessed to have her post!

Peek into Hope's world and you will find her writing, singing, playing and practicing the violin, writing songs with her sister, working on her schooling, and spending quality time with her family.

Favorite Food: Mac and Cheese
Favorite Animal: Dog
Favorite Color: Lime Green and Hot Pink

Season Sinclair ~ We are are honored to have Season Sinclair join us with all her southern elegance. This young woman knows that hospitality and etiquette protocol are treasures in 2012. As a published author, her writing style is refreshing and oh-so-classic.

A peek into Season Sinclair's life reveals days filled with baking, gardening, tending an orchard, writing, reading, studying, hosting a dinner, traveling around the world, sewing, or teaching!

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Jacqueline ~ wife to a pastor and mama to three little red-heads, Jacqueline has her hands full of love and joy! Her days are filled with raising up the newest generation, supporting her husband and church, and being a true friend to those she is around. She has a passion to share Christ with the lost and to invest in young people. Her home is a revolving door due to her relaxed and gracious hospitality. Sharing what she learns in her walk with Christ with other young mothers is a special joy in her life, along with seeing her little ones learning to love the Lord. 

Who can count how many hats this woman wears! You might see her on a date with her husband, loading up her little ones for the library, jamming in the car with her favorite tunes, dancing around the house with her childrenchatting on the phone with her sister and mother, potty training or changing a diaper, hosting a cookout, leading a drama practice, enjoying breakfast at Chick-fil-A, wearing her favorite team's colors, traveling from Maryland back to her southern roots and family, going for coffee with friends, leading small group studies, writing, fishing, skating, watching Masterpiece Classics, camping, swimming, sightseeing, leisure driving, and watching her kids discover the wonders of life!

Favorite Color: Baby blue and brown
Favorite Food: Mexican or anything her wonderful "chef" husband cooks out on the grill! 
Favorite Animal: Horses

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Nathan ~ our filming master and video editing genie! Nathan is an aspiring composer and filmmaker with a heart for the Lord. As he graduates from high school, his future (Lord willing) is a bright one! Nathan plays a vital role in Silk and Purple by providing quality visual media for everyone to enjoy! His life is filled with music and media, and prays the Lord will open the right doors that bring honor to his family and glory to Christ!

Nathan lives life in the fast lane, but he takes time to enjoy many things. At anytime you might find him playing any instrument he can get his hands on, practicing the cello, editing a film, writing a script, reviewing a movie, listening to a soundtrack, composing a new score, working on a movie set, conducting the HCSO, teaching chess classes, coaching basketball, loving on his dogs, laughing with his sisters, studying, talking with his parents, chasing his nieces and nephew, and being around wonderful friends and mentors.

Favorite Color: Baby blue or red
Favorite Food: Pizza
Favorite Animal: Tyrannosaurus Rex

Mr. Kelly and Mrs. Debbie ~ married for 26 years and super parents to Jacqueline, Abby, and Nathan. These parents are the backbone of Silk and Purple.

Mr. Kelly ~ Spiritual head to his family and guiding light to the founder of Silk and Purple, Mr. Kelly helps keep ideas and plans in perspective! He is a wonderful husband, daddy, and Pop-Pop!

Mrs. Debbie ~ Editor-at-large for Silk and Purple, grandest grandmother, super mom, and virtuous wife -- this woman's cup runs over! We'd be lost without her sharp editing skills and vocabulary abilities. You might call her a "word nerd," but we wouldn't have it any other way!