Saturday, April 20, 2013


Over 60,000 pageviews.

That count is visible on the sidebar, but did you know that Silk and Purple is read by young women in over 60 countries? And 6 continents! Argentina, Australia, Belize, Brazil, Canada, China, Egypt, France, Germany, India, Israel, Nigeria, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, Ukraine, United Kingdom, United States... I think you might tire of reading if I listed them all.

I've had the pleasure of watching these numbers steadily climb in the short lifespan of this blog. But it's not for numbers' sake (I'm no statistician) that I regularly observe. It's what these numbers represent -- young ladies all over the world are reading and gaining insight into how to live out biblical femininity.

I'm very thankful for my daughter and the team who so faithfully make Silk and Purple a reality day after day. I'm grateful for the vision the Lord has given and His call to each of the sweet-spirited young ladies who contribute to this blog. They live their lives obediently, passionately, and boldly for their Savior and their families.

But it's you, Reader, that I pray for most fervently. Your input is so welcome to the team, especially on challenging days. But did you ever stop to think how you might be encouraging a young lady down the street, or halfway around the world!? Your comment or question might be just what the Lord has ordained for someone to read that day, to push away the lies of the enemy, doubts, or feelings of loneliness.

We would love to have you weigh in on this post. If you're comfortable, post a quick comment to tell us where you are. There's just something about seeing the universal Body of Christ come together that makes me marvel even more at the magnificence of our Lord and Savior!

Love and prayers,
~Abby's mom


  1. Congrats on 60,000 pageviews!! I check this blog at least once every day, so I'm probably like 500 of those pageviews!!!! ;) oh, by the way, we live in the Birmingham, AL area. :)

  2. 60,000... that's certianly a lot! I really enjoy this blog, though i recieve the email version. I'm near Lake City, Florida. :)

  3. Congratulations on 60,00 page views!! That is definitely an exciting milestone to reach. I'm also from the Birmingham, AL area and I really enjoy reading your blog. It is definitely a huge encouragement to me. =]


  4. I'm reading this from Thailand. (I know I'm late in reading this post) I recently found your page and am glad I did. Lots of helpful advice and articles that made me examine myself. Thanks for all you do S&P team!