Thursday, August 9, 2012

Make It Magnificent

Make it modest + Make it magnificent = Modestly Magnificent

Oftentimes we separate the two words, thinking there is no way to be modest and still look nice. Don't fall into this lie. I'm here to prove my point! ;)  Below are some savvy combinations to make the clothes in your wardrobe effortlessly modest. Unless you're handy with a needle, the key to modesty is layering! Skirts under dresses, cardigans over a tank top. Mix and match. Play with color and you'll find more than just modesty -- you'll find your personal style!

So take a look at some of my favorite tricks in the art of dressing well. 
You might find yourself Modestly Magnificent!

Make it covered.

Make it feminine.

Make it simple.

Make it longer

Make it layered.
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  1. I use these kinds of "tricks" all the time. It really is easy to make outfits modest and pretty! Thanks for the post.

  2. oh I never thought of layering a skirt under another one to make it longer. Good ideas!