Friday, March 30, 2012

Runway Reviews

Fashion shows are as interesting as designers. Many designers create artwork to wear, so a fashion show is a lot like going to an art gallery in motion. Runway shows vary from high avant-garde fashion to the best trends for everyday women. 

Fashion shows are not foreign to Mrs. Debbie (Abby and Jacqueline's mom and Silk and Purple's editor extraordinaire). In her younger days, Mrs. Debbie was a model and modeling director of a school and agency in Atlanta, Georgia. The lessons she learned through this time in her life flow through this blog, and I am personally grateful for her transparency and guidance in leading me to know what true beauty really is.

Last evening, we had a fun time at the REAL Cover Girl runway show. The evening consisted of delicious hors d'oeuvres, a video of street interviews, a helpful message about what a REAL cover girl looks like, and a runway show. The emphasis that true beauty is not only exterior was very encouraging. The speaker personified REAL as Reflection, Essential, Ageless, and Lifestyle. The video was played of some interesting interviews of people on the street. One young man was asked if he was ever distracted during his church's worship service by women's dress choices, and with a firm head nod, he said yes.

The runway show was filled with bright, bold colors, and color-blocking styles. Many of the outfits were reflective of the model's lifestyle -- not over-the-top artistic, just fun and flattering to every woman's age and shape. A few outfits could have used a little more creativity in making them effortlessly modest. Most could be changed with a little extra layering. The models were exuding joy as classic, graceful music made for a fun atmosphere!

Here are some favorite photos and fashions of the evening.


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