Monday, April 2, 2012

Wear Your Colors ~ Red

Red is a strong, vibrant color. It makes me think of passion, excitement, anger, and love -- all really strong and just emotions when kept to a biblical standard. It's also been said red makes you hungry!

Reds come in many different tones and hues. To select the perfect reds for you, look at your skin. Do you have a more warm complexion or a more cool one? Warm complexions have an undertone of yellow, orange, or red hues. Cool complexions have purple, blue, or green undertones. Undertone is the base color of the skin. A simple exercise you can do to tell what your undertone is: squeeze the palms of your hands, then open your hands quickly and observe what color you see first. The color will usually be very slight, so look carefully. 

If you are more warm, select reds with a yellow undertone. 
If you are more cool, select reds with a blue undertone.

This vibrant color is almost universally lovely on women if the right one is selected. Hold up different reds next to your face. The right reds can make you look glowing and cheery! The wrong reds can make you look tired and sullen. Selecting how to wear your reds can be fun! Mixing and matching reds with other colors can show your personal style.

Here are some fun color combinations to try when wearing red!

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