Monday, May 7, 2012

Wear Your Colors ~ Purple

You know we are excited about this week's color! ;)


Purple is the last of the secondary colors on the color wheel, and what a great one it is. The complementary color of purple is yellow. And this is how it is created:

red + blue = PURPLE

Purple is the color we have come to know and love here on Silk and Purple. Wearing purple is not that tricky, and is appropriate for most skin tones. It is helpful for you to determine if you should wear purples with a more red or blue tone. Purple has many names and shades -- violet, lavender, mulberry, and magenta, to name a few -- but whatever the name, try some in your life for a little royal feel.

Here are a few color combination inspirations:


1 comment:

  1. Hi Abby :)

    I love the color purple, and thankfully it looks good on me! Purple with red undertones brings out the color in my normally pale cheeks, and purple with blue undertones highlights my blue eyes. I have noticed that dark purple looks great on brunettes, while lavendar shades look best on blondes.
    Loved this post!