Saturday, June 9, 2012

Shades for You!

I love sunglasses! They are great for those sunny summer days or when I don't feel like putting on makeup to run errands. They can express your personal style in such a fun way while protecting your eyes from extended sun exposure. There is such an array of shades --
how is a girl to choose?

Let's talk about the different styles of shades out there; then we'll talk about how your face shape will best fit into the perfect sunglasses.



Cat Eye



To find the most flattering pair of glasses, determine what your face shape is. Here is a diagram of the many face shapes:

To find out what shape you are, use a dry erase marker, look into a mirror, and on the mirror draw the outline of your face. Step back and see what your face shape resembles.

Now let's compare glasses with face shapes.

Best fit: Round or cat eye
Stay away from: Square or any sharp geometric shapes

Best fit: Square or wafer
Stay away from: Round

Best fit: Cat eye
Stay away from: Aviator

Best fit: Oversized or square
Stay away from: Narrow and small

You are able to wear just about any type of shades

Best fit: Round or oval
Stay away from: Aviator

Best fit: Cat eye or round
Stay away from: Over embellished designs

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  1. Thanks for the info! I've never been able to find a pair of glasses that look right on me. But maybe I'll be able to do that now that I know this information. Thanks!