Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Buy of the Week!

Loving this dress! Feminine, stylish, and modest! 
Wear with your favorite flats or boots for the fall.


**Please note that not all items from this store are recommended by SnP. Happy Shopping, but be mindful of what you purchase as an ambassador of Christ!**


  1. I thought it was a wonderful dress... until I took a closer look at it. It is made of a very see-through mesh material requiering a cami on top and a slip on the bottom. In several of the pictures on Forever 21, you can see the cami and slip underneath. Not my particular pick in a dress...

  2. I noticed the description says that the dress comes with the slip lining--- I think it's built in.

  3. Agree that your could never wear this item as it, but it's nothing a modesty slip and a sleeveless tee couldn't fix. :)