Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Skinny on Skinny Jeans

Do you feel you are squeezing into your pair of jeans like toothpaste through a tube rather than being able to slip them on with ease? Are you having trouble getting blood flow to your feet?

Girls of all sizes and ages are crazy about skinny jeans, but by wearing them, are we displaying a good representation of Christ and are we helping our brothers in Christ to flee temptation? As we know, fellows are tempted by skin; the next temptation is curves.

Think about this:
I buy a football and want to give it to you as a surprise gift. I wrap it so tightly that you are able to see all the details of the gift -- you can easily tell what is in the package. There is no mystery or surprise. Everyone knows what's in the gift before you even open it.

A similar analogy happens every day. A young lady gives away all mystery by "wrapping" herself so tightly in clothing she is no longer keeping secret the special gift she will give to her future husband! The purpose of wearing skinny jeans is to show curves, and they do a great job of that. Most girls love sparkle, but details on the back pockets of a jean such as rhinestones, metallic thread, and sequins are a big attention-grabber. It's like placing a sign on your posterior that says "look at my bum"!

As Christians, we certainly don't want people's thoughts to be drawn to our posterior. Yes, we all have curves in different places and I'm not implying we should hide under tents, but we can examine our wardrobes and weed out things that bring attention to the wrong areas. A good pair of jeans are great to have. I enjoy slacks or jeans when crawling under tables in art class, but a great fit is essential to your body type. If you're squeezing, pulling, or constantly adjusting, these are signs that the jeans need to take a trip to the trash. 

Try some alternatives to the skinny jean.

My favorite is a wide leg cut jean, but not so wide as to be baggy. As a rule of thumb, look for jeans that are proportionate with your body frame so you will not be overwhelmed by the jean. If you are petite, a narrower leg might be appropriate for your frame.

Pair your perfectly-fit jeans with some feminine details and a modest ladylike top to soften the look.

And that's the skinny ;)

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