Thursday, November 3, 2011

Every Man's Battle

We can show love and help our brothers in Christ!
Listen to their hearts.

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  1. In answer to why girls dress this way I think I can help answer it. I am a younge aged women. 32. And it has always been difficult to gain a boys/mans attention without "dressing out". Now having grown up and having a husband and 4 boys of my own, I can see how it disrupts lives. I hate when my husband glances in the direction of another woman in that way. It may even be something as small as all these boots these days. But they are so eye catching. i have battled this sin out with my husband. Society deals us ladies a dirty hand. Because we are trained to attract men through imodesty. It a very hard battle for a girl to fight. We as women need to hear that sluty isn't what you really want as a man. It seems all too much like that is the only thing a man wants. I have heard that a man wants at least five different qualities in a woman. And so the joke goes that how can he find all 5 of these women and not have them hate each other?
    Our young people need help. They need strong leaders. And women need real men. Men whose heads don't turn away just because they see something else.