Friday, November 18, 2011

Vintage and how to wear it!

Are you an admirer of vintage clothing, but are not sure how to wear it? Well, pull out your grandmother's fur coat and embrace the elegance of vintage!

The top thing to remember is a little goes a looooooong way! I love my great-grandmother's fur coat, my grandmother's earbobs, and my 1940's laced Peter-Pan collared dress, but I wouldn't choose to wear them all at the same time (unless needing a 1940's costume). It's important to balance more modern clothing with the flare of vintage!

Seven thoughts regarding vintage...

1. Clothing size numbers have greatly changed! A general rule is to double your size number when shopping for vintage clothing. If you're a Size 8 in today's clothing, start with a 16. ALWAYS try it on or take good measurements.

2. Check for quality of garment. Moths are vintage clothing's enemy! A little hole is a big hole. Be sure to inspect the zipper, hem, buttons and check for stains. Beading and lace can be tricky to examine, but it will be worth your time. No matter how wonderful a garment may seem at a glance, you can't wear it if it's falling apart!

3. Look at all eras of vintage! The 40's seem to be a favorite among young ladies due to its modesty and classic appeal. Remember not every woman in the 60's wore mini skirts and hippie jeans. Some of my favorite vintage items are dated from the 60's and 70's. :)

4. Choose one vintage item, no more than two, when putting an outfit together.

5. Purchasing vintage can get pricey sometimes, so don't go overboard. Yes, it is true you'll truly be one of a kind, but make sure this is the best purchase for you, e.g., don't blow your whole clothing budget on one vintage necklace. Lots of stores now carry vintage-inspired pieces that may be more cost-efficient, so check them out before making a big purchase.

6. It can be fun to add a bit of a vintage twist to your hair and makeup with your ordinary wardrobe!

7. Vintage shops are not the only places that have vintage clothing. Visit the thrift store, the back of your grandmother's or mom's closets, yard sales, and online.

I hope you have a fantastic time making things a little more fun, a little more unique, and a little more elegant!

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