Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Benefits of...Lemons!

How many of you love the tangy, sour taste of a lemon? I do, and I hope you do too! Lemons have many health benefits, of which I will tell you a few. 
Lemons are known for their therapeutic properties. They are high in vitamin C and strengthen the immune system to fight off sickness. Lemon serves as a blood purifier and a stomach cleanser. But here is the best benefit of all: it contains flavonoid, a composite that holds anti-oxident and cancer-fighting properties!
Here are some practical ways to incorporate lemons into your daily routine.
-Squeeze fresh lemon juice into your water.
-Squeeze fresh lemon juice onto your salad.
-For skin benefits, squeeze some lemon juice into about 1/4 cup of plain yogurt and use as a facial mask.
-Use lemon juice to squeeze over steak and seafood.
-Or, if you love lemons as much as I do, squeeze the juice into a glass and drink it by itself!
So remember, God gave us lemons for lots of reasons, and we need to use them to benefit our healthy lifestyle.     

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