Thursday, January 19, 2012

From mud pies to bubble baths...

It's magical, in a way. Little girls running around with no concern of grooming, then, almost overnight, turning into young women who care a great deal about how they look. From pony tails to curling irons and mud pies to bubble baths!
The transition from girlhood to womanhood, when kept pure, is one that can be full of delight! It can be the start to becoming a beautiful biblical woman -- or a start down the path of the wily Proverbs 7 Woman. Little girls who come from a strong family are oftentimes very confident and feel secure. Their biggest concerns are playing with dolls and arguing about what they dislike on the plate of food set before them. My niece is still of the age that she has never looked in the mirror and disliked anything she sees. She believes (and my family and I often reassure her) that she is beautiful, and because she doesn't compare herself to other four-year-olds, she never thinks anything different. The transition between girlhood to young womanhood can cause a girl to feel very vulnerable. She does a lot of comparing and thinking about how she measures up. The world is well aware of this vulnerable time and tries to take full advantage of it.

This transition can be compared to a small tender blossom about to bloom, and every girl is faced with a decision -- will she become a beautiful rose, or a thorn that pierces her family and friends? A tender blossom is in great need of care and guidance. If she doesn't find beauty reflected at home, she will seek it outside the home, looking at anyone who will show it to her. Many times the beauty is fake, but the blossom receives it as truth and then patterns her life after this new source of "beauty." This outside source could be the latest pop star or the most popular gal in town. It is never a question of if the blossom is following someone -- the question is who she is following.

When I was very young, my mother sought out role models for me. In a sense, they paved the way for me in fashion, character, attitude, and relationships with friends, family -- and with Christ! Maybe they didn't realize this little girl's watching eyes, mimicking their every move, or perhaps they did. Till this day I still look up to these young women as they now show what biblical wifehood and motherhood look like. I pray someday I can still follow in their footsteps.

We are either role models or observers -- or oftentimes both at the same time! We all learn by observation and then mimic what we have seen. This is the way we learned to talk, eat, and walk. My concern is that so many tender blossoms are being neglected and unguided by older sisters in Christ who could illuminate the path of the Christian walk; instead, these older sisters choose to live selfishly with no concern for the little feet behind them.

So be warned if you are a teen and beyond -- you are being watched by little eyes who will pattern their lives after you. That is not said to "puff up" your ego; this is just a simple truth. My prayer is that tender blossoms will grow into beautiful blooms with the opportunity to pattern themselves after godly young women who seek to follow the Lord.

Silk and Purple was created, in part, to act as a positive role model for young ladies where none else can be found. This is a role we take very seriously, and we continually examine all we do in the context of pointing girls to Christ.

So will you lead these tender blossoms into a beautiful bloom showing them the difference between flowers and thorns? Will you model Christ?

"Let no one despise you for your youth, but set the believers an example in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith, in purity."

1 Timothy 4:12

Beautiful Girlhood

This is a book my mother and I read when I was young. A great read for girls!
To find this book, click here!

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