Thursday, January 26, 2012

Question and Answer

Here is a great question we recently received from a mom:

Q: What is the recommended age to follow Silk and Purple?

A: Silk and Purple was created to reach a wide age range. While we have many women reading and gathering creative ideas from this blog, we do not believe we have biblical jurisdiction to instruct and lead wives and mothers in the ways of scripture. Our focus is on unmarried young ladies! We love for wives, mothers, and grandmothers to read the blog, and our prayer is that they will share it with the young ladies in their lives. 

We all mature differently. The Victorian idea that girls are not concerned about appearance until 15 is a long-forgotten thought. We believe that the maturity level of a girl should be determined by her parent or guardian. We desire Silk and Purple to be a wonderful resource to girls entering the years that can be the most exciting and productive -- the preteen, teen, and young adult years. Preteen may mean 12 for some girls, others as early as 10. We encourage parents to determine when it is best for their daughters to engage in outside instruction regarding their outward appearances and the deeper heart issues.

We will always strive to place disclosures to help parents censor sensitive subjects in protecting young, pure hearts, as well as provide admonition to the young lady to seek the counsel of her spiritual head!

~ Abby and Elyse

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