Saturday, March 17, 2012

F.S. ~ Hello Future, Part 2

You are scrolling through your facebook feed and then you hear that sound. Bling! You forgot to click offline! And now someone wants to chat. Let's be real. Google+ or facebook chat, and now video chat, offer some of the greatest features of social media -- or the most awkward. 

So what do you do to be polite, yet shorten the conversation to a 5-minute chat instead of a 40-minute one? And what if you just don't have any time at all?

Be honest. If you don't have the appropriate time to chat with a friend or family member, then let them know, but ask them if they would be available at another time. You can always ask if they have a quick question that they need answered or if they just want to chat. Set up a time where you both could be online and be sure to be true to your word. Just because we are using technological advances doesn't mean we have the excuse to be rude. Also, don't put someone off, then continue to linger on facebook. If you have work to do, then do it quickly, close chat, and sign out.

When you want to initiate chat with someone, ask them if they have the time. Or be up front and let them know you have a quick question.

Having etiquette of 2012 will personify an ageless, polished demeanor and help others to feel you are putting them first!

Happy Chatting!

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