Monday, March 5, 2012

October Baby

Everyone seems to be a movie critic these days. I do not pretend to be one, but whenever an exceptional film comes along, I have to share it with others! If you have never heard of October Baby, then be educated. :) October Baby is a film by the award-winning Erwin Brother. These guys are not new to the filming world, but this is their first full-length feature film. My brother and many friends had the privilege of working on it...  so I might be a little biased ;) Regardless of who worked on this film, it is one of the best faith-based movies I've ever seen.

October Baby tells the story of a young woman, Hannah, who discovers she was adopted after a failed abortion. Her story unfolds as she grapples with her identity and seeks to find her birth mother. As she goes on a journey to discover more than she could ever imagine, Hannah is faced with a decision. Will she choose forgiveness and life?

I was able to see this film several times during its pre-release screenings, and yes, I cried every time. The story, acting, and overall artistic quality are magnificent. October Baby has also opened a ministry to promote life as we fight against a culture of death, called Every Life {Is} Beautiful.

Be sure to find a theater near you as it opens across the nation in 18 days! Let's tell the world we support life!

Find out about the film October Baby here!

Find out about Every Life {Is} Beautiful here!

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