Thursday, March 15, 2012

Practically Fashionable

Practically speaking, is fashion practical?

Well, I believe it can be, and here is why.

Fashion allows you to show your personal style. Good fashion complements not only your style, but what your tasks are for the day. You don't wear pumps to the tennis court, nor sneakers to a political dinner. So what is personal style? 

Well, do you like blue, or maybe you prefer red?
Do you like lace, or do you prefer fur? 
What about patterns? 
What about shape?

Personal style is as diverse as people are, because it is usually a reflection of their personalities. I love watching people express their thoughts and outlook of life through their clothing. If you don't think this is true, then look again. Many times people are showing you the depths of their hearts through their appearance. Watch closely and you may see someone's heart.

Style is something we usually develop without thinking. A girl that keeps her hair curly versus a girl that straightens her hair usually doesn't make some theological decision about it. She simply likes or dislikes her hair a particular way, or she might admire the style on someone else and try to mimic it. 

Many times fashion wants to dictate our styles -- "wear this color this season!" This is called fad. I suggest you devote some thought to your style and wear it confidently. Fads will go in and out. Try not to look dated. Fashion does change, so when buying clothing, I like to keep with the classics, then add a few inexpensive faddish pieces to mix in. That way, I don't base my wardrobe on what is "in" only for it to be "out" next month.

Developing your style should be fun! Fashion is the tool to make this happen. Being a practical person doesn't exclude you from the pretty things of life. It didn't with the Proverbs 31 woman. She kept a balance between luxury and practicality.

So practically speaking, we can express our personality through style and that can be done through fashion. Our first goal should always be to express Christ within us. After you've grasped a true understanding of the basics -- modesty, biblical femininity, and ambassadorship -- have fun with fashion! 


  1. I've just discovered your blog, and I quite like this post :) It's so true that the fashion seems to change at least every season. When I go shopping these days I tend to look for colours/styles that actually make me look good, instead of wearing exactly what everyone else is wearing, just for the sake of fitting in. That way, I have can have my own unique look too!! :D

    1. So true! It can be fun to experiment with different trends, but if these trends take away the focus from our hearts, then we will not be pleasing to Christ! Thanks for your thoughts! We LOVE to hear from new friends like you. :)

      Happy Weekend!