Monday, April 16, 2012

Wear Your Colors ~ Yellow

The last of the three primary colors (and my particular favorite) -- Yellow!!

Yellow can be bright, happy, and energetic, but if in a light buttery hue, it can be warm, relaxing, and approachable. Can you guess yellow's complementary color? (Hint: Look at the title of this blog.) Yellow can look beautiful on many skin tones, but not on everyone. Brunettes usually can pull off yellow more easily than blonds and redheads, but if you have an urge for yellow, go ahead and try it! If it doesn't look great around your face, try a handbag, shoes, or a skirt. 

Yellow just might be your color, so have fun and try these color combos.


  1. I want to know if it'd be possible for us to have a sort of challenge involving outfits. Like we could send in a picture of our favorite outfit we had worn that week, you could post them, and we could vote for our favorites.

    1. A splendid idea! We have something in the mix just as you are suggesting. :) Stay tuned for more information!