Thursday, May 31, 2012

Procrastination: What It Is and How to Prevent It

I was excited to receive another guest post from Hope Tucker. It's so encouraging to hear the heart of a young woman. If cleaning your closet is an overwhelming task to you, be sure to read this!


By: Hope Tucker

Procrastination. Everyone experiences it in their own way, and for something as simple as saying, "I'll do it later," it sure can cause a lot of trouble. When you procrastinate, you put extra stress on yourself -- stress that you don't really need -- and the longer you do it, the more the stress multiplies. Now at this point, you may be asking yourself, "Do I procrastinate?" Because it's so common, there's a good chance you do, but if you're not sure, then ask yourself these questions:

1: Do I have something I hate doing so much that I find it easier to just not do it? (In my case, it's organizing my closet. I'm not a very organized person anyway, and putting a mountain of clothes to sort through on top of all that can be really stressful.)
2: Are there times when I feel unnecessary dread, and can't stop thinking about whatever it is I don't like doing? (Again, with the whole closet thing.)
3: Are the phrases, "I'll do it later," "Not right now," and "I've got all the time in the world," a part of my everyday life?

If you said yes to any one of these questions, then join the club. Almost everyone procrastinates at some point in their lives. For the few who don't (if there are any of you out there), I highly commend you because, as you've already heard, I'm definitely not one of you. Procrastination is a hard habit to break, but it's not impossible. There's still hope for all of us who have this tendency, because (and I know this sounds hard) all you have to do is face your problems head-on instead of waiting until they're too big to solve.

Knowing that others are going through the same thing can really help you get through it. If there's something you procrastinate with that's always bugging you, then don't be afraid to tell someone close to you about it. I know that can be kind of embarrassing, but trust me, you'll feel a lot better after you've confided with a parent or mentor. They want what's best for you and can help hold you accountable, but remember to talk with God. After all, He's the best Friend you can have -- dependable, understanding, always willing to help. Plus, He can guide you in breaking your habit way better than anyone else can.

Like I said before, if you don't procrastinate and don't really need this message like the rest of us do, then don't worry about it. I'm sure you can help someone who does. But if you do, just hang in there. Once you defeat procrastination, you'll have the tools you need to prevent it. Remember, there's power in prayer, so I'll pray for you and you pray for me, and together, we'll all get through this, one step at a time.


So, Ladies, do you hear those dirty closets calling? Don't procrastinate, get up, and go purge five things! ;)

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  1. thank you so much for this post, it's something I certainly struggle with and it was a very encouraging to read!

  2. Sad to say it, but I also procastinate. I definetly will try harder not to, though! Thank you so much!