Saturday, May 19, 2012

Question and Answer

Q: I was just wondering, what is the appropriate thing to wear for a school dance? I want to wear something cute, but don't want to show off so much. But how low would be too low and what would be too high? I am really confused when it comes to dress shopping. HELP!

A: What a great question. It is so fun to have occasions to dress up a bit more!  

With any occasion, it's important to know what the dress "code" will be. Is it formal, semi-formal, or just dressy casual? I say this because it's not good to be overdressed for any occasion. It shows a lack of good taste. For a school dance, you'll want to be comfortable and want to have the freedom to move around without the worry of a hemline rising or your top showing too much. You will have more fun if you're not constantly thinking about pulling at your clothing. If you observe girls with strapless or mini dresses, they will CONSTANTLY make adjustments throughout the evening... not fun.

Here are a few ideas of what would be appropriate to wear to a more dressy occasion. Remember you don't always have to wear a dress to be "dressy." An elegant skirt and top can be easier to find sometimes than a dress. For a more polished look, tuck in the top if the skirt has a fitted waist.

Remember to never underestimate a good black dress. Accessories are your best friend for dressing something up or down.

Add a cami to this red dress for modesty. Also note this dress hemline can be lowered by this company.

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