Monday, May 14, 2012

Wear Your Colors ~ Pink

Hot pink, fuchsia, coral, blush, rose, or just pink -- all these names for this extraordinary color.

Now before you start seeing pink elephants, let's ask this question: Is pink a good color for everyone's skin tone? Well, yes, but not all pinks work with all tones. Pinks come in dusty shades, electric shades, and pale ones. Usually we think of pink in a bright bubblegum shade or a baby pastel, but the world is filled with different shades. Try different shades to find your best fit. The right one can make you appear energetic and glowing.

Here are a few different color combinations for inspiration.


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  2. The last color is a representation of mauve. A interesting color for it's pink/purple tones :) I am a big fan of peach too!

    1. Oh.. thank you I was really confused I just didn't get it.this was a great post it helped me find new shades.

  3. I want to rephrase my comment the bottom colors are really nice I just like more peachy colors.

  4. I really love the color swatch posts that you have been posting lately! They have been giving me lots of ideas on how to update my wardrobe for summer! =]