Monday, July 30, 2012


You might have the most perfect top that goes with everything! You might wear your favorite summer dress every other day, but what happens when -- Ooops! -- you get a stain on your clothing!

Getting stains are never fun, and believe me when I say this, I rarely seem to escape a meal without something getting on my clothes. It's that awful millisecond between dropping BBQ sauce on my khaki skirt and the thought of, "What if it doesn't come out?????"

Thank the Lord for soap! 
(Tide to Go pens too ;)

Here is a very helpful article I read about how to save your clothing from those messy stains. Caring for your clothing is essential in keeping a well-groomed appearance. Clothing that's stained or discolored can cause you to appear lazy and disheveled. Proper care for clothing will show good stewardship and keep your favorite items wearable for many summers to come!

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