Saturday, September 22, 2012

F.S.~ A Glance Back at Summer


  As we welcome in the autumn season and all the wonderful sights, sounds, and scents that it brings, we take a look back at the Finishing School topics we have covered through the summer.

In July, it was handwritten notes.

    Picture a woman seated at a desk, her skirt flowing around her, the inkwell open before her, and a quill pen in her hand as she begins to write a letter. The pen against the paper makes a scratching sound with each stroke, indicating the thought that passes from author to paper and soon to recipient. Perhaps her face is in her hand and she gazes into space searching for the appropriate words to express her feelings. 

    That sounds lovely, but how often do we find ourselves in such a position? It is true that quill pens and flowing skirts are not as common as they once were, but the handwritten note is equally as elegant and lovely today as it was when Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy quarreled about true reputations. 

In August it was RSVP...Répondezs’il vou plait.

  • If a response card is included, return it within a few days of receiving the invitation. 
  • If there is a phone number or e-mail address for RSVP, respond likewise within a few days of receiving the invitation. Remember that leaving a message is never a guarantee that your response will be received. 
  • If there is simply RSVP, return a handwritten note within a few days.
  • When there is not RSVP, it is still courteous to respond.

Next in August it was The Hostess with the Mostess and Emily Post's "Six Ways to Be a Good Host."

1) Invite clearly.

2) Plan well.
3) Remain calm.
4) Keep your guests feeling welcome.
5) Be flexible and gracious.
6) Be appreciative.

Finally, the last post of the summer was handshakes.

  • A man shakes another man's hand firmly.
  • A woman shakes a man's hand by offering hers palm down, and the man takes only her fingers and squeezes gently before releasing.
  • It is a woman's place to extend her hand to a man.
  • Eye contact is important.

Autumn brings a new set of Finishing School posts!

P.S. Like the new banner? :)

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