Monday, September 17, 2012

Question & Answer

Q: Do you ever allow guest posts?
A: Absolutely! We love guest posts. Simply email Abby with your submission. Please know that the post will be looked over by our fabulous editor. We do reserve the right to makes changes to a post, or not post at all, if it does not uphold the same values as Silk and Purple.

Send your posts in! We would LOVE to read them!!

Q: How can I get involved with Silk and Purple?
A: If the Lord is calling you to invest some of your talents in Silk and Purple, then please contact us. Maybe you would like to pray with us or help us share Silk and Purple to reach more young ladies. Or if you are looking to become more deeply involved, you might fit in as a regular contributing writer, a graphic artist, or be a part of our marketing team. Or maybe you're a savvy shopper and like sharing style ideas! 

As the brain child of Abby so many years ago, the one thing she has learned is she can't do it alone! We would so appreciate your involvement!!!

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