Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Buy of the Week!

Don't sweat it. Sweaters are the perfect way to welcome colder weather into your wardrobe. Here are some great sweaters at super low prices!!

**Please note that not all items from this store are recommended by SnP. Happy Shopping, but be mindful of what you purchase as an ambassador of Christ!**


  1. This is the second or third time that you've included 3/4 sleeve blouses in your posts. Today I caught on that their usually from Forever 21. That's helpful for a petite woman like me who often resorts to those because regular long sleeves are usually way too long!

    1. Yes! I personally like wearing 3/4 sleeves. I naturally roll up my sleeves due to being an art teacher or working in our home, so a shorter sleeve just works better. Forever 21 while they have many items that are not appropriate for anyone they do have incredible gems at GREAT prices. Hope you find some great items for yourself!