Saturday, October 6, 2012

F.S. ~ Tips on Punctuality

 Autumn is here and brings with it the pleasant cool weather and beautiful scenes we all enjoy. Even the dog seems exhilarated as if to exclaim: "It's cool outside! Come play!"

"The leaves began to change. Hot tea became more precious, 
books more sought after, fires warmer, and walks more pleasant."
-That We Might Have Hope  

Although the autumn garden is muted with new blooms and fading flowers, this season is regarded by some as a time of beginnings. School supplies, wooly wardrobes, and a flurry of activities and gatherings dot the calendar of cooler months.

  This brings us to our Finishing School topic...Punctuality. With all of these events to attend, punctuality should be in the forefront of our minds. Respect and honor are best shown by being on time, whether it is a hayride, school meeting, business presentation, or worship gathering.
So here are just a few basic guidelines to encourage a timely arrival:

 ~At an open house, it is appropriate to arrive during the designated times. If the invitation says from 2 until 4, then you can drop by anytime within those two hours and it would be acceptable, if you are sure to leave by 4.

~It is not polite to arrive early to a dinner party unless you are asked to help with preparations. Arriving early can send the host or hostess into a panic! Your hostess will appreciate your timely arrival as serving dinner depends on it!

~If it is a wedding you are attending, it is appropriate and preferred to be early. Wedding guests should arrive at least 20 minutes early so that you are then able to be escorted to your seat. 

~If circumstances beyond your control make you late, it is polite to call ahead if you are meeting with friends or business associates to let them know you will be late. Be honest; don't blame it on traffic if you just slept in late.

Tardiness is sometimes unavoidable, but as we gather together this season remember... 
"Punctuality is the politeness of kings."  Louis XVIII

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