Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Make the Switch

My family has been eating a gluten-free, organic (or at the very least 100% natural) diet, with a hearty helping of daily raw fresh veggies, for over four years. And we try to use only honey, agave, and raw sweeteners. We made the switch -- feeling good never tasted so good! Some days we do better than others, but we've experienced many lumps and bumps along the way. It's not easy to change your family dinner menu when cooking for a hungry papa who has been used to "regular" food for years.

We call my daddy Potato Man because he is more fond of meat and potatoes than a green kale salad. :) He prefers simple flavors and country cooking, so Mom and I had a mission -- how could we turn those tasty comfort meals into healthy dinners? Here are three of my family's (and probably yours) staple dinners, but I'll share some simple ways we make them healthy. These products might be a little more costly, but we've found our food budget has really not been affected because of less junk-food purchases.


This is one of our go-to meals, but when we went gluten-free, the normal pasta had to go. Replacing the taste was hard, but when we found these pastas, we fell in love!


Pizza is my favorite comfort food, but who wants to be sick after eating what the pizza delivery guy brings?

Make your homemade pizzas with ease, using a gluten-free crust that is so yummy! Add basil, your favorite veggies, or pesto for an easy gourmet dinner.

Cheeseburgers and Fries

The ultimate American food staple. So how do you make this good for you?

For fries, slice potatoes and toss with sea salt, pepper, and EVOO (extra virgin olive oil). Place in your oven (350 degrees) and let cook till golden. For an even healthier choice, prepare sweet potatoes the same way, omitting the pepper.
For your burger, replace your white hamburger bun with an Ezekiel sprouted grain bun.

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