Tuesday, November 6, 2012

F.S. ~ Soup's On

The weather has turned cold, winter is coming, and soup is on the menu! Everyone enjoys a steaming bowl of soup to warm body and soul on cold days. There are so many different soup recipes from chili to chowder, but there are etiquette guidelines that govern them all.

In the previous Finishing School post, Abby gave us a lovely video of Emily Post and her guidelines for table manners. The proper way to eat soup was part of it, and here are the basics.

  • Soup bowls are served on plates for a reason! The plate catches those accidental spills and overflows and provides a place for you to rest your spoon when it has been used. 
  • When eating soup, sit up straight, but lean forward over your soup bowl so that drips fall back into the bowl and not on you.
  • Although it is very hard to resist, never blow on your soup to cool it. You may stir it or simply wait. 
  • Spoon the soup by tilting and moving the spoon away from you. Sip from the side of the spoon closest to you, or if it is chunky soup, you may put the whole bite in your mouth. If you need to, you can tilt the bowl away from you to spoon the last little bit. Never slurp your soup!
  • When you are finished with your soup, the spoon should be placed on the plate or the saucer parallel to the edge of the table with the handle facing towards the right. It is impolite to leave your spoon in the cup or bowl at any time.

Observe these few helpful hints and you will be sure to receive nods of etiquette approval!

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