Monday, November 26, 2012

Personal Style Challenge Results!

So we received some lovely stylish outfits for our personal style challenge! Take a look!

Silk & Purple Personal Style Challenge

LysNicole ~ Here is my entry for the Silk and Purple Personal Style Challenge. I believe these colors fit me best because this is what I usually wear during the fall/winter -- black, gray, & white have always gone good with my skin color and personality.

The girl with the guitar

Emily ~ I've always been "the girl with the guitar" because I love to play my guitar and I love music. This outfit expresses my style and personality and I hope you all enjoy it!


Campus Library
Kathryn ~ This outfit is me because it's simple and comfy, and absolutely perfect for collapsing into one of the big Samford library arm chairs and reading some Augustine. Minimal, comfy, and stylish -- this outfit has me, a cup of mocha, and an afternoon of studying all over it.


By Clara


Untitled #2

By Gracie


These are some from the Silk and Purple team!!
From: Season


Personal Style
From: Hope


Personal Style
From: Meghan


Personal Style
From: Abby


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  1. I love the results--- so many different styles.