Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Second Chances

Have you ever stopped to ponder the importance of second chances? Growing up in church, I've heard about them countless times, but until recently, it's never dawned on me to spend extra time thinking about them. How thoughtless I was!

In God's eyes, all sins are considered equal, whether they seem trivial or massive, so shouldn't the same judgment inflicted upon a murderer be brought down on someone who occasionally tells a "little white lie," but goes to church, does charity work, and maybe even has a successful job in the ministry in the meantime? Now to us, the answer may seem obvious. The second person is obviously much better off, right? But to God, it doesn't matter what we've done. All sinners are deserving of equal punishment -- eternal separation from Him. Thank goodness our gracious God sent His Son to take the blame.

When you think about it, what God did was spectacular, watching His Son die like that, so shouldn't He be regarded as a hero? Why is this everlasting, omnipotent, unconditionally-loving God so shunned upon this earth? He sent His child to be tortured and killed for our sakes. We would be lost without Him, doomed to burn in the fires of hell for all eternity.

Sounds awful, doesn't it? But this is where the gift of second chances comes in. This Son of God, Jesus Christ, who died on the cross for us, could have easily fought back, but He didn't. I can't stress enough how amazing it was, the fact that He gave His life away, dying on a tree that He created, just so that we could join Him in our Eternal Home someday. He performed the ultimate sacrifice for us, and we take it for granted all the time.

There's an old hymn that goes:
"When we all get to heaven
What a day of rejoicing that will be.
When we all see Jesus
We'll sing and shout the victory."

This is one of my favorite songs because it's all about the coming time when Jesus will descend unto the earth and take His believers to heaven! 

If you have come to the saving grace of Christ, then I praise the Lord! As we wait for Him on this earth, we are on a mission! Christ has told His followers to bring people to Him for salvation so that they might know about this wonderful second chance -- because our God is a God of second chances, and third chances, and fourth chances, and so on. His grace never ends! Remember the sacrifice of Father and Son, and rest in the fact that no matter how far you seem to have strayed from God and no matter how many regrets you may have, God is still greater! The past is gone now, never to be lived again, but the present and the future are here for you to live the way that God intends.

So are you joining me in heaven? Will you and I meet as sisters in Christ? My deepest desire is that the answer will be yes! If not, this is your second chance... take it! You'll be glad you did!

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