Tuesday, December 4, 2012

F.S. ~ Giving Gifts

     This time of year, giving gifts is a topic on everyone's mind. We give each other gifts out of gratefulness for the gift we were given long ago when Jesus Christ was born.

Buying gifts for so many different people -- mom, dad, brothers, sister, friends, co-workers -- can be daunting to say the least.

     Here is The Emily Post Institute's "Top Five for Stress-Free Gift Giving" that may help you as you work your way down your Christmas list!

  1. Get their wish list.

    Ask people for hints or even a wish list.  Gather ideas during the year, and write everything down.

  2. Trust your judgment.

    Forget about being afraid the gift isn’t “perfect.” If you think the person will like it, chances are they will.

  3. Stick to your budget.

    Spending more than you should takes the fun out of gift giving. There’s nothing more stressful than overspending -- and feeling uneasy about it.

  4. Buy it when you see it.

    If you’re shopping in July and see a sweater that your mother would love, buy it. It probably won’t be there when you look in December.

  5. Start a gift closet.

    Stash a few gifts that will work in a pinch: copies of your favorite cookbook or boxes of beautiful note cards. That way you’ll be ready if you need a gift on the spot.

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