Friday, January 11, 2013

The Beauty of Exercise

What thoughts does the word exercise bring to mind? Maybe sweat and pain or drudgery and hard work. But that is not what exercise has to mean for you! When we look at exercise from the right perspective, it brings a whole new light to this important part of life. Let us take a few moments to see what exercise can mean when we view it in the right way.

Exercise is:

~A self-discipline
~A stress reliever
~A way to help us sleep better
~A time to meditate on God's Word
~A time for prayer
~A way to help our bodies and minds function more fully

There are many wonderful forms of exercise that do not require a membership at your local gym. Here are just a few suggestions.

~Walking/jogging in the neighborhood or public gardens
~Hiking at the local state park
~Biking around the neighborhood
~Yoga (non-spiritual) in your bedroom or living room
~Playing any sport for fun or competition

As I mentioned earlier, exercise is a self-discipline, and it may take you a while to form the habit of exercising 5 days a week. But once you get started, you will never regret it. Use your exercise as a way to glorify God and enjoy Him more fully! 

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