Friday, February 8, 2013

Everyday Hair Styles, Part Three

Here are some wonderful go-to styles that we can use for around the house, work, school, or church. These tutorials make a basic French braid and high bun seem fun and easy. As you fix your hair for the day, remember that you are always an ambassador for Christ!

Classic French Braid

Ballerina Bun

Silk and Purple does not claim the rights to these videos. All rights belong to The Beauty Department.

"We are tempted to look at our joys, pleasures, passions, or our dreams with too much self-satisfaction. Then through God's gracious love He withdraws them, leading us to distinguish between them and Himself."
L.B. Cowman   

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  1. Cute hairstyles - I'm going to try these! I love the french braid :)