Monday, February 25, 2013

Toddlers & Tiaras

Oh, this show. If you are not familiar with Toddlers & Tiaras, here is a little video of only one of the hundreds of girls that are featured.

Now I could talk about outfits, hair, makeup, and parenting methodologies. Or the exploitation of little ones as no more than the objects of lustful ambitions. I could talk about money and the disillusion of beauty, but I'm not. 

But what I will talk about is the Diva Syndrome.

If you watch any of these shows for long, you'll find that most of these little girls are on a quest to become divas. They have the world revolve around them -- from their princess palace rooms to the staff of four or more who dress them, train them to walk, sculpt their wigs and hair, and bribe them when they are tired and don't want to perform. Their parents, families, and staff believe they are setting up the girls for success, giving them all they want.

But what type of success are they after? Many parents say they're involved to give confidence to their little princess. The argument is you will not get anywhere in life without beauty, but what does scripture say? 

Before destruction a man's heart is haughty, but humility comes before honor.
~ Proverbs 18:12

From scripture we know that we should desire to shape a giving heart rather than strive to be the center of attention. But let's be honest. These attitudes don't just come from being a beauty queen. Pride can creep into ANYTHING we are doing. It creeps into the piano recital, the test you aced, or the table scape you decorated. Does this mean we should never strive for greatness -- that we should just sit down and slide by for humility's sake? Absolutely not! We need to strive to please Christ in whatever we are doing. Focusing on Him takes the attention off of us, or at the very least, keeps us grounded when fame flashes its camera our way.

So... maybe these divas are in need of something greater than a bigger crown or an attitude check, but instead of casting blame and judgment on these families, reflect on what is going on in your heart. Have the little seeds of pride and the longing to be famous at any cost crept in? The cost of fame is much too high for the cost of our souls and the eternity to come. So let's take off our plastic tiaras -- God tells us He is giving us crowns someday, and those crowns we will triumphantly lay at His feet.


  1. Wow.... I'm speechless. How sad!
    How empty that little girl is going to be as she grows older, unless she finds true beauty.

  2. Very true! It's so easy for us to get prideful sometimes! wow.