Friday, March 29, 2013

Money-Saving Tips for Healthy Shopping

Eating healthy can be expensive, can't it? But how can we eat in a way that glorifies God and be good stewards of our money at the same time? This is a rather difficult question to answer, but God has shown me some wonderful tips through my experience of healthy eating that I will attempt to share with you below.*

~ Create a menu for the week and make your grocery list based off your menu. This helps you buy only what you need and keeps you from over-spending.

~ When an item you use regularly is on sale, stock up. For example, when my local health food store puts almond milk on sale, I always buy several to tide me over until the next sale.

~ Buy the least expensive brand of the products you normally buy. For example, I try to buy most of my organic canned goods, rice, oils, milk, and other things in the store brand (e.g., Whole Foods or Publix) instead of name brand.

~ Buy nuts, seeds, dried fruits, and grains in the bulk section of your local health food market and store in your freezer or in air-tight containers. Buying these types of foods in bulk is usually much less expensive than buying in individual packages.

~ If you are on a very tight budget, focus on buying the "dirty dozen" produce organically and the rest non-organically. Click here to find out what the "dirty dozen" are.

~ Buy toilet paper, paper towels, napkins, frozen fruit, etc., in bulk. My family has a membership at Costco where we save hundreds of dollars buying these products in large quantities. Costco also has a wide variety of organic products to choose from.

~ Above all, never buy what you do not need. I have learned the hard way over time that money slips so easily through my fingertips when I buy unneeded products that look so good, or I think I "need" them. Ask yourself these questions before buying a product. "How much will I use this item?" "Is this worth the money I would spend on it?" "Is this item truly a need?" "Would God want me to spend the money on this item?" These questions, if taken seriously, will stop reckless spending in its tracks.

Above all, our goal is to glorify God with our money. "So whatever you do, whether in word or in deed, do it all in the Name of the Lord Jesus." (Colossians 3:17)

  *As a wonderful resource for helping you spend your money wisely, I would recommend Dave Ramsey's envelope system wallet. This wallet helps you keep track of every penny you spend.


  1. Great ideas! This is VERY helpful to me!

  2. Great, Sarah! I'm glad I could be of help to you. God bless!