Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Spring within Our Souls

Here in the sweet southern air, we are surrounded by bees buzzing, birds nesting, flowers blooming! (oh, and tons of disgusting pollen :)

It's utterly amazing. Amazing that death can be life. Sleep is awakened.

This is why sonnets are written, songs sung, and paintings painted, because mankind is in need of that new life within our souls. If you long for spring within your life, if you crave that the clouds of winter within your soul be rolled away, then simply do this:

Follow Jesus.

In Him you will find the beauty and majesty of death turned into life, because if you are living apart from Him, your soul is dead. You need life. He IS life.

If you are a follower of Christ but feel hope is far from you, then don't grow faint, dear sister. I would be lying to you if I said things are always sunny in my own life. Even as I type this, my family is having an argument over things that need to be accomplished and if we are really trusting God. Our family dynamic has been changing over the past few months, and we seem to have had more clouds than sun, but in these moments we hold fast to Christ and His promises. We know that these "winter days" make us long for spring and the everlasting spring to come -- eternity with Christ!

As you crave a spring within your soul, know that it's not just a happy day or a new high of excitement -- it's Christ and His joy and life! He freely gives this, and if you need prayer, talk with your parents, pastors, teachers, and contact us at Silk and Purple. Together we will pray for new life, hope, and joy in Him!

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