Saturday, May 25, 2013

Everyday Style ~ Color of the Year

As I considered the best thing to capture for this month's "Everyday Style" post, I decided to go with something green since emerald is the color of the year. So, I threw together this outfit with an A-line, chevron emerald skirt, paired with a chambray blouse, coral scarf, filigree earrings, gold bangle, and simple gold flip flops.

If you own a chambray blouse, you know how extremely versatile it can be. I LOVE mine and wear it with almost everything!!!! I guess you could say I've pretty much fallen for the whole "chambray craze" thing!

Several ways to mix up this particular outfit would be to throw on a cardigan or jumper over the chambray, add a statement necklace, or make yourself an "arm party" (lots of stacked bangles/bracelets). I really like this combo of coral+green, though. I think it's classy, stylish, and perfect for a lovely summer day!

How are you going to wear the color of the year?


  1. Beautiful! Emerald and coral are lovely together.
    Hmm... I have an emerald blouse, so that's how I'm going to wear the color of the year I suppose! :)

  2. This red scarf look great.
    I also want to have.