Saturday, February 4, 2012

We want to know!

We've been public for two months and want more of your lovely feedback!

Leave a general comment, a topic you'd like us to tackle, or a question you might want answered!

Also, Silk and Purple is looking for sponsors! If you have an online store, Etsy shop, local business, or blog, visit our Spectacular Sponsors and Lovely Links page to find out more. 

Remember you can reach any of our team at:

Or to contact Abby or Elyse personally:

Be sure to grab Silk and Purple's button on the sidebar and add it to your blog or website. We depend on you to pass on Silk and Purple to many young ladies and are so thankful for all who have been sharing and supporting this ministry!

We give thanks to the Lord for opening many new doors and for closing the ones that are not in His perfect plan. All we have need of His hand will provide, for His faithfulness is abounding. Please keep Silk and Purple in your prayers as we will be praying for you, that your life will penetrate this dark world.



  1. I like your blog very much! It's so very encouraging to know that there are other gals out there who are striving to do the Lord's will and to honor Him daily! Thank you!

  2. Love that picture of ya'll (I think I took it too) :) That was such a fun day!
    hmmm. I'd say maybe some posts about shopping ideas or cute outfit ideas..? I know you've covered that some.
    Also, like you two were talking about this morning, skin care ideas would be great too!!