Saturday, March 10, 2012

F.S. ~ Hello Future

Ring Ring!!!
You've Got Mail

We've come a long way since the Pony Express, taking mail across the U.S. on a few strong horses. We've come a long way since Andy Taylor and Barney Fife, calling their sweethearts using an operator to dial the number.

We've come a long way since hearing that sound of a fuzzy dial tone over our home computers with a voice saying, "You've got mail"!

From telegraph to text, phone calls to video chat, letters to IM, and newspapers to tweets! Yes, we've come a long way, but maybe not as far as we think. The common thread between all of these inventions and more is that we want to connect and communicate with people, whether they live in our homes or on the moon!

"So hello, Future! I'm Communication and I think we'll make a great team."

Futuristic inventions may go well with communication (I can't wait for teleportation), but how do manners, civility, and chivalry stand in this mix? Emily Post never wrote a book on how to politely chat on facebook! In this and upcoming Finishing School posts, let's dig into balancing the communication of 2012 with timeless etiquette. Before we dive in, though, let's talk about what we must first not forget.

Don't Forget Reality

Relationships have been complicated even before we started updating our statuses every hour. A good relationship usually can be traced back to good communication! Living in 2012, you might think that would be easier than ever, but remember we are complicated people with complicated relationships with complex varieties of ways to communicate.

We may chat, like, share, and comment all day, but are we really creating a good relationship? Social networking has flipped our young futures upside down. No time in history could we instantly know that Jane is eating oatmeal this morning or John is walking into his new job. If you think social networking is just a fad, then think again. The number of people daily joining this revolution is staggering.

My concern about social networking is people's loss of true reality, that is, the reality of developing true relationships. Relationships are about giving of your time to listen, learn, and grow with the people God has placed in our lives. Blogs, facebook profiles, and tweets can easily make us focus on ourselves. (Check out this post for more about self-centered vanity.) Real relationship is not talking only about subjects we like or about making ourselves happy. If we focus only on our wants, a cold computer screen can satisfy us, but if we place others before ourselves and cherish their companionship, then we will find the blessings and warmth of real life community!

So go get some coffee with your friends. Start a new sewing project with your grandmother. Go shopping with your mother and sister(s) and cook a French dinner. Volunteer at conferences and seminars. Ask your grandfather and father to go fishing. The things to do are limitless! Just get up, stop reading this blog post, go live in reality, and meet people! Then use the communication of 2012 to supplement your relationships -- not overtake them!

Have a wonderful day, and tell me what you did ;)

*Please note we believe that the use of social networking or any Internet use should be monitored by parental authority. If you don't have a social networking account, always get your parents' consent and guidance. Also, if you have any account(s), your parents should have your password(s). By them having your passwords, it will protect your safety and help guard you from the temptation of hiding things.

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