Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Wear Your Neutrals ~ White

White is the color of simplicity and purity! Yet white seems to come with a lot of "rules." 

"No white after Labor Day."
 "No white before Easter."
"White should be worn on your wedding day as a symbol of purity."
"Don't wear white if you are attending a wedding."

Some of these white rules still apply today! Some, like the Easter and Labor Day ones, are rarely thought of unless you live in the Deep South. I think we can all agree to the last one. Just don't show up trying to "outdo" the bride ;)

Is white good for all skin types? Mostly. White generally makes skin seem darker, but it might make some skin types look washed out. Try a white skirt if you don't want it around your face.

Three things to keep in mind when wearing white:
  1. Give your teeth an extra scrub for a bright white smile :D
  2. Be mindful of what undergarments you choose. Be sure to have slips and camis to go under the garment.
  3. Carry a Tide-To-Go pen with you in case of spills.
Whites are basics in your wardrobe because of the clean, crisp look. So add some white to your life!

The woman who gave us the ideal princess bride dream dress.

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