Monday, June 4, 2012

Wear Your Neutrals ~ Khaki

The grand color khaki!

Wear the right shade and it will make you glow! Wear the wrong shade and it will make you look sick! Khaki is oh-so-classic and offers a more cool alternative to black in the hot weather months.

Khaki comes in many different shades. To see what the true color is, look at the undertone of the color. Many khakis have a green, brown, yellow, or even purple undertone. As we've talk before, an undertone is the base of a color, but it is muted by the ending result of color.

Every one is different. You might look better with a more rich, dark khaki rather than a light one. Just try different variations of khaki to find the ones that best fit you! 

The London look from Princess Kate. 

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