Monday, July 29, 2013

Save the World

If you are not aware of the many problems in our world, watch the news for 30 seconds. There's no denying we have some BIG problems.

Maybe you choose to overlook those problems and go on your merry way, or maybe you are caught up in the frantic free fall, desiring to fix all the problems you can and now it has emptied you dry. Either way, you might be unbalanced with the call of saving the world.

As young women we are told by our American culture we can do anything. 
(Anything that is spectacularly amazing, that is.)
 If we are not reaching to gain the impossible, then somehow we are considered lazy and/or dumb. Even within Christian culture, we are encouraged to be "light," and I completely agree.

The Bible calls us to be that light, but oftentimes we imagine that light as a spotlight on us on a huge stage. This spotlight shows the world what we are doing and highlights our great actions and our great failures. It's a lot of pressure, and many of us have been living in that spotlight for so long that we are becoming blinded by the light and are fumbling around as the sinful world watches our weariness overtake our actions. 

We feel the presure to be "great," save the world, and still be beautiful as we accomplish such goals. We start believing that the mundane, boring parts of life are beneath us, because somehow the giving of our time is above the little things like sweeping, washing a dog, caring for the elderly, or investing in a relationship where you have "nothing to gain."

Sisters, this is not what Christ means when He wants us to be lights. Being a light does not mean you have a spotlight on you -- it means that you are the spotlight. You are the one who brings light to darkness, highlighting others and showing not your capabilities for self gain, but for Christ.

I am GUILTY of this sin. I have many times fooled myself thinking I'm an important part of God's work in saving the world... and I am, but He can do His work without me. 

He doesn't need me, but He does want me.

He wants me passionately, because I am His child, but when my ambitions become centered around my pride, then He will find another to truly share His cause. To be a light doesn't mean we are only His servants in the great things like speaking to thousands of people, writing best sellers, or becoming renowned in the arts and sciences -- let's remember our Lord, who washed the feet of His disciples, lived a life of homelessness, and humbled himself to death on a cross... all for us.

Your life will be filled with thankless jobs. It will be boring at times, but if your calling seems less glamorous, do not think it's less important. Serve Christ and build His kingdom! Be that light, but don't seek to gain the spotlight. We CANNOT save the world, but we can lovingly point those to the Christ who has saved us!

Praise Him!

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